Why I Run: In Memory of Sebastian

For years, Tami ran the BARCStoberfest 5K with her best friend Sebastian by her side. Now, Tami explains why she will be wearing a Paw to Remember this year...

In October 2005, my husband and I adopted our first dog, Sebastian.

sebastian 2.jpg

Sebastian was around a year old and, like many dogs his age, had endless energy. I’ll never forget the first time we went jogging in the woods. After a few miles of running up and down the hilly trails, I was beat. As I hunched over at the end of our run to catch my breath, I looked at Sebastian and noticed that he wasn’t even panting. That’s when I knew that my husband and I, both avid runners, had met our match.

Soon after adopting Sebastian, I heard about a brand new event in town called BARCStoberfest and decided to give it a whirl. Sebastian had a blast, dragging me all around the event and sniffing EVERYTHING. A few years later, BARCStoberfest launched their first ever 5K run. That year, and many after, Sebastian and I proudly ran that 5K.

Those first few years, Sebastian was the one leading and I ran as fast as I could to keep up with him. But as Sebastian aged, so did his pace. As he entered his senior years, he was still able to run with me, but at a much slower pace and with frequent breaks. It occurred to me that running with an older dog was perfect, as it gave me an excuse to also take breaks throughout the race.

With Sebastian running by my side, my finish time no longer mattered.

Eventually, my energizer bunny was no longer able to jog with me. And towards the end of his life, even walks became challenging. Although Sebastian would have hobbled along, as determined as ever, for many more years if he could have.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Sebastian last year. While it’s hard to run the BARCStoberfest 5K without him, I cannot imagine a better way to remember my running buddy. That is why this year, I will be running the BARCStoberfest 5K while proudly wearing my Paws to Remember pin in memory of the greatest dog there ever was, Sebastian.


For a $10 donation, BARCStoberfest attendees can memorialize a pet that had crossed the Rainbow Bridge by wearing a special pin in their memory. Each pin will be paw-shaped and uniquely decorated by the students at Calvert School. Paws to Remember donations will help an animal in our shelter get one step closer to finding their forever home.

Reserve your pin today: https://www.barcstoberfest.org/paws