Want to crush your fundraising efforts? Try these tips:

Thank your supporters with a shout out

When someone makes a donation, post a thank you on your Facebook page and tag the donor to recognize them. Your post will remind others to donate and can encourage new donors!

Seek out matching gift programs

Ask your donors if they work for a company with a matching gift program, which is a great way to double your donations! Be sure to check with your own employer to see if they match donations too.

Ask 10 friends for $10

A $10 donation is a no brainer for most people. You’ll find your donations increase faster if you ask for a specific amount instead of an open-ended donation.

Plan an event for BARCS

From happy hours at your favorite bar to a shopping “giveback” day, planning an event is a fun way to engage people that might not respond to an online ask for donations.

Interested in hosting an event for your BARCStoberfest team but aren’t sure where to begin? We have lots of eager businesses ready to partner and start planning with you! Let us know and we’ll pair you up with a local restaurant or retail store. 

Get your family involved

A great family fundraising project is the classic lemonade stand. When you display clear signage that proceeds will benefit BARCS—and encourage your kids to talk about why they are passionate about helping animals in need—you’ll find that customers are extra generous with their tips!

Another fun family project is a “Pennies for Paws” donation box. This craft project has you decorate a shoe box with photos of pets and create a sign encouraging classmates and coworkers to donate their spare change. Put the box in a busy, high-traffic area for more donations.

Make a slideshow/video on your cell

With all the free video making apps available, creating a slideshow with photos and text is easy and painless, even for beginners! Use photos of your own pets, or check out the BARCS Facebook page to download and share photos of pets from our shelter. When you’re done, add the video or slideshow to your fundraising page for a boost in donations.

Join or create a team

If you’ve signed up for BARCStoberfest as an individual, it’s not too late to create a team or join an existing team. Teamwork puts the “fun” in fundraising! It also gives you a group of people to share with, plan with and offer motivation and encouragement.

Are you Team Captain? Download our Team Captain Toolkit for even more ways that your team can raise money and participate in BARCStoberfest.  

Have questions about fundraising? Email us at events@barcs.org.